Management Consulting

Our consultants come to the table with a “best practices” view of business operations and execution - insight and understanding of business issues and industry dynamics that we utilize to assist in moving your company forward. We believe that the key to a successful business is to better understand current market conditions and adapt and build the strategies and solutions that support future growth of your business. This is a continual process. Whether it is strategic planning and development, organizational and fiscal strategies to support business growth and expansion, or alignment of executive management vision and goals, ResiliEnt Solutions focuses on businesss solutions driven by your specific business needs on your terms!

Enterprise Wide Solutions

ResiliEnt draws from vast experience designing and implementing enterprise solutions that leverage our clients' existing resources,encourages enterprise-wide collaboration, includes a ResiliEnt architectural review of existing operations, systems and research of existing processes to make recommendations to the client. ResiliEnt then collaborates with our client’s team to design the enterprise solution that best satisfies the organization's current and future needs and incorporates industry recognized best of class practices.

Resource Management

Achieving your strategic priorities requires resource management focus and agility. Your assets are critical and need optimization, proper allocation and attention. ResiliEnt helps you place attention on the personnel and critical operations of each business unit, region or product line. Whether the goal is transformational change, effective merger integration, expense control, quality and speed of key initiatives or services - ResiliEnt can help you drive these initiatives and obtain sustainable success. At ResiliEnt we realize there are times you may need support and additonal reources to manage existing programs and projects, facilitate an outsourcing solution, or evaluate procurement, vendor or IT assets. Every project presents unique challenges and needs. Are you prepared to meet the need for different skills at different phases? Do you feel you are positioned as effectively as you should be to meet or create opportunities to achieve your organizations goals? ResiliEnt can provide the quality, professional and dedicated consulting resources needed to solve your business issues when you require them. ~ ResiliEnt Best in Class

Enterprise Assessments

Your Success is Our Mission! We Assess Enterprise Sustainability in the Ever Changing Mobile and Global Market Place! The ResiliEnt Assessment process profiles your business from end to end- starting with a review of your operations process and procedures through to a review of existing systems/ IT architecture and the processes as they relate to the current business and organizational needs. At ResiliEnt we focus on your need to be Agile, Knowledgeable, Efficient and Competitive on your terms. Our team will collaborate with you to identify where the real gaps are and recommend actionable solutions that work in tandem with your organization to align technology and business for uninterrupted and continued growth.

Business Intelligence (BI)

ResiliEnt is dedicated to Enterprise Information Management, tool agnostic and has vast experience designing and developing dashboards, scorecards, and reports. ResiliEnt Business Solutions works with you to advance your organization along the BI maturity scale. Common characteristics of a mature BI environment include a data warehouse (DW) strategy for creating a single version of the truth for important data entities, self-service reporting applications that have been deployed via the Web and a facility has been rolled out to the end-users to allow data mining and self-sufficiency in composing their own reports and queries.

Data Warehouse Strategy

ResiliEnt believes the goal for any Data Strategy is to make data available across the enterprise to help drive your business more effectively and more efficiently! Data Driven Organizations are more agile, more competitive, experience business improvement and have a clearer view of their business at any given time. ResiliEnt is tool agnostic, and highly recommends an organization acquire ETL and data modeling tools versus "rolling your own" to create and maintain your BI database, data warehouse, data marts and/or micro marts. Data architecture design including Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Data Governance can be accomplished most efficiently with GUI tools.

Business Process Management

Being ResiliEnt…is being Customer Focused, Agile, Informed and Positioned for Success in the face of continuing market, competitor and regulatory change! Business Process Management (BPM) creates a business framework focused on delivering quality operations, services and products to customers.

Training and Mentoring

 ResiliEnt is your Training and/or Mentoring Services Partner - Your Success is Our Mission!   ResiliEnt believes that once the strategies or solutions are in place, the best way to achieve sustained improvement in organizational performance is to focus on the individual and collective culture, mindset, and capabilities. ResiliEnt works with our clients to define, and customize training and mentoring to align strategy with the skills, mindset and talent needed to execute!

Enterprise Operations Automation

What is Enterprise Operational Automation? It is the optimization and integration of operational/business processes with technology to increase efficiencies and support the revenue generating business services and processes.

Why Enterprise Operational Automation? At ResiliEnt Solutions, we understand that by more effectively automating operational processes; overhead, labor costs and other resources can be shifted or eliminated to improve performance and support business growth - giving you the competitive advantage.