Management Consulting

ResiliEnt is your Management Consulting Services Partner -  Our consultants come to the table with a “best practices” view of business operations and execution - insight and understanding of business issues and industry dynamics that we utilize to assist in moving your company forward. We believe that the key to a successful business is to better understand current market conditions and adapt and build the strategies and solutions that support future growth of your business. This is a continual process. Each business is dynamic and requires more than a cut, copy and paste process to succeed. ResiliEnt excels at partnering with you on strategic planning and development, organizational and fiscal strategies to support business growth.

ResiliEnt focuses on business solutions driven by your specific business needs on your terms!

For more information see our Management Consulting Fact Sheet.

Management Consulting areas of expertise include:

Strategic and Business Planning

We work with you to prioritize, design and execute the strategies needed to meet your goals, both at the C-level and for each business or operational area. Which lines of business and operations are vulnerable and which are poised to support future growth? Do you have the proper governance and risk management policies in place to accommodate current operations and future growth? Is your business able to continue if there is a change in human capital? Does your system and technology infrastructure support growth and sustainability? Our team will collaborate with you to identify real, actionable solutions that work in tandem with your organization and align your organization towards execution.

  • Strategic Assessment and Alignment
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation and Development
  • Enterprise Risk, Governance and Compliance Strategies
  • Growth and Expansion Solutions
  • Communication Strategies
  • Executive and Team Buiding (on-site and off-site)

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Operations Assessment and Efficiency Strategies

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Policies and Procedures Development and Documentation
    • Assessment of Current Operations Structure and Process Automation
  • Corporate Governance and Risk Management
    • Cross Functional Risk Management Policy Development and Procedures
    • Regulatory Compliance Process Development and Implementation
  • Resource Evaluation and Re-Alignment
  • Outsourcing Strategies

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Corporate Governance and Risk Management

  • Cross Functional Risk Management Policy Development and Procedures
  • Regulatory Compliance Process Development and Implementation

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Financial and Cash Management Strategies

ResiliEnt consultants work with our clients to identify the connection between the current process and procedures that drive strategy and cross-functional operations. The on- going assessment of fundamental operations, oversight and financial strategies for efficiencies and how they are integrated is a key differentiator in companies that succeed in the execution of long-term strategies and improved operations and performance. Equally essential to strategy and execution is the development of operational, governance and financial strategies to manage risk effectively. This may be an enterprise wide initiative or the need to assess and document specific risks in operations and regulatory compliance.

  • Investment Strategy and Asset Allocation Review
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Analysis
  • Sales Organization Structure and Revenue Analysis

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Merger/Acquisition Strategies

A merger, acquisition or divestiture can be an effective way to meet strategic growth, sales, and expansion goals if this activity aligns with overall corporate strategy. At any point in the M&A lifecycle, ResiliEnt works with our clients to provide pre-merger services including strategy development, validation of current opportunities, and strategic due diligence- financial, operations, communications strategies, risk management and business continuity , sales/marketing, procurement, human resources, and IT. Post merger integration and process reviews take look at organizational and operational structure and efficiencies, detailed communication and culture and change management strategies, development of a detailed transition plan, and re-alignment of operations and business process management, risk management and business continuity plans, sales/marketing, procurement, human resources, and IT.

  • Pre-Merger/Acquisition Due Diligence and Operations Assessments
  • Post-Merger/Acquisition Operations and Process Efficiencies and Review

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Change Management Strategies

Is your operating structure positioned to support your strategic initiatives? When was the last time operations process and procedures were assessed for efficiency? Have you looked at your HR outsourcing functions lately? Are you looking to capture revenue and reduce costs through system automation? Is there an acquisition opportunity on the horizon? Change management, transformational change or merger transition- ResiliEnt Solutions can provide the services you need to assess where the challenges exist in the organization and the strategies needed to implement effective change. ResiliEnt consultants work with our clients to manage change and the necessary communication strategies across the organization.

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Procurement Strategies

Have you clearly identified the key business drivers with the purchasing and/or sourcing contributions? Having a strong procurement strategy aligns purchasing decisions with corporate strategy, increases bargaining power with suppliers, and can have a positive impact on the total cost of ownership (TCO). ResiliEnt Solutions will work with you to assess your current procurement processes and procedures at the organizational, category and supplier /vendor management to increase bargaining power, and align purchasing decisions with corporate strategy. ResiliEnt consultants can also prepare and evaluate incoming and outgoing RFP’s and assist in vendor selection.

  • Vendor Management and Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Incoming/outgoing RFP Strategy, Design and Delivery

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Marketing Strategies

Are you ready to move ahead of the competition? Is it time to update your website design, functionality and content? Looking to re-brand a product or service? Is a review of your messaging, sales strategies and collateral needed? ResiliEnt Solutions can assist you in connecting the dots between your marketing strategy and your business goals and bring the technical solutions to make it happen. A well developed marketing strategy is an integrated business strategy that incorporates both online and multi-channel capabilities for improved customer experience and community awareness.

  • Website Transformation Strategies
    • Design and Usability
    • e-commerce
    • Social Media
  • Content and Collateral Development
  • Brand Development and Effectiveness
  • Sales Force Evaluation
  • Managing Community Initiatives

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