Enterprise Assessments

...assessments with achievable strategies and solutions! 

ResiliEnt is your Enterprise Assessment Partner - Your Success is Our Mission! We Assess Enterprise Sustainability in the Ever Changing Mobile and Global Market Place.  Does your operational, financial,sales and technology  infrastructure support growth and sustainability? Are your compliance structure and data security/protection up to regulatory standards? The ResiliEnt Assessment process profiles your business from end to end- starting with a review of your operations process and procedures through to a review of existing systems/ IT architecture and the processes as they relate to the current business and organizational needs.  Our team will collaborate with you to identify where the real gaps exist and recommend actionable solutions that work in tandem with your organization to align process, technology and business for uninterrupted and continued growth.

At ResiliEnt we focus on your need to be Agile, Knowledgeable, Efficient and Competitive on your terms. We deliver quality, adaptable strategies that stand the test of time! Our innovative methodology, expert context specific knowledge and product agnostic technology ensure strategic success. We leverage strategic business management, operational process and realignment, asset allocation and debt restructure, change management, best practices methodology, executive experience and technical expertise to deliver Assessment findings and recommendations. This “road map” is specific to your organization and environment, providing strategies to align your operational and technical capabilities with your strategic or business plans- resulting in C-Suite agility, improved business performance and sustainability.

ResiliEnt offers the following types of assessments:

  • Strategic Planning and  or Alignment
  • Business Process Management
  • Asset Allocation and Debt Restructure
  • Governance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Operational Process and/or Automation
  • Operational and or Technical Best Practices and Standards
  • Business Process Management (BPM) to include BPM life cycle, score-carding, mapping and/or BPM Road Map
  • Business Intelligence (BI) to include BI life cycle evaluation, skills review, best practices, Analytics, Actionable BI, and/or a BI Road Map, Enterprise Reporting to include dashboards, BI Application and/or Code Review, Report Development and/or Methodology
  • Data Management to include Data Warehouse (DW), Data cleansing, Data Modeling and/or Data Governance
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to include SOA and/or Architectural Infrastructure
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Application/System Implementation to include Optimization, Best Practices and/or Outsourcing
  • Resource Staffing, Training or Outsourcing
  • Systems Process Management and Integration
  • System, Vendor and Technical Assets
  • Architectural / Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Applications