Business Process Management

Being ResiliEnt…is being Customer Focused, Agile, Informed and Positioned for Success in the face of continuing market, competitor and regulatory change! Business Process Management (BPM) creates a business framework focused on delivering quality operations, services and products to customers.

Business Process Management (BPM) can be used to understand organizations through expanded views that would not otherwise be available to organize and present, such as relationships between processes. When included in a process assessment, these relationships provide for advanced efficiencies, reporting and analysis. BPM achieves dramatic improvement in business performance which enables more effective response to changing consumer, market, and regulatory demands creating competitive advantage.  ResiliEnt’s Business Process Management (BPM) methodology encompasses the automation of business processes through an integration of both human-driven processes and the latest technologies.

ResiliEnt leverages an 8 Step Business Process Life Cycle verses the traditional 6 Step Process.  Please see ResiliEnt 8 Step Busness Process Lifecycle under Methodology Menu for an explanation of each step.