Business Intelligence (BI)

ResiiEnt provides the following services under Enterprise Information Management – Business Intelligence

  • Dashboards
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Actionable BI
  • Analytics
  • Business Process Management scorecards

ResiliEnt is tool agnostic and has vast experience designing and then developing dashboards, scorecards, and reports. ResiliEnt works with you to advance your organization  along the BI Maturity Life Cycle.  Common characteristics of a mature BI environment include a data warehouse (DW) strategy for creating a single version of the truth for important data entities, self-service reporting applications being deployed via the Web and a facility has been rolled out to the end-users to allow data mining and self-sufficiency in composing their own reports and queries.

The dependency on IT by the business community has been significantly reduced and so has the information backlog. All key decision makers and knowledge workers have access to the data that drives their business which results in unbridled problem identification and opportunity discovery.  KPI’s are visually presented for at-a-glance review by executive management and in general, via common distribution mechanisms (such as the Web and email) & using an assortment of popular output formats (such as HTML, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF) the health of the business is readily observable at any given time.

Mature BI solutions typically include:

  • Application level Analytics
  • Actionable BI
  • Data Visualization
  • OLAP solutions
  • Customizable KPIs and dashboards
  • User guides
  • Support team mentoring and documentation