White Papers

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A ResiliEnt Solution for Data Warehousing

Data warehouses are an expensive, time-consuming, complex and resource intensive undertaking that affects the entire organization.  Not being able to easily get the information you need to run your business can be more expensive, time-consuming, complex and resource intensive. 

While the definition of a data warehouse may be different depending on who you ask, one thing is always the same: they are an integral part of the business landscape today.

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ResiliEnt Business Intelligence: A Matter of Topology, Technology and Methodology

Commencing a business intelligence initiative is an expensive proposition. Not only in terms of hard dollars spent on infrastructure, technology and personnel, but also in terms of time, energy and attention that will be directed away from other corporate activities. While it may be expensive, good business intelligence can do more for the overall health of an organization than just about any other project that an executive board can commission . . .

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ResiliEnt Managed IT Infrastructure (MITI)

The concept of managed IT infrastructure is designed to dramatically change the way small to mid-sized companies handle their information technology needs while containing or even reducing the overall cost. Further, by removing the pains and distractions often associated with IT infrastructure management, organizations that adopt a managed IT infrastructure (MITI) program are able to focus their energy and resources on what is really important – the company’s core competency or mission . . .